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    • IMPORTANT: Parent Survey (need to be completed by July 20th). Please respond if you are a parent.
    • "Pressure testing" continues to evaluate readiness of district for the three learning modes requested (Full Attendance, Hybrid Attendance, Full Remote).
    • Opening of School Steering Committee meets to review progress reports from all sub-committees.
    • All subcommittees continue to work on materials and plans requested by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.
Opening of School Steering Committee coordinates work of the following Sub-committees:

Scheduling and Grading

Professional Development

PPE/Nursing Issues

Parent Communications and Surveys

Food Service

Custodial Issues

Bus, Sport & Field Trip transportation

Building Modifications



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Rockport Elementary School Music Department



In music class, we…

  •       Create our own music
  •       Perform our own music and the music of others
  •       Listen and Respond to music thoughtfully
  •       Connect with music through our own experiences


Students will…

  •       Know and enjoy music of varied genres, time periods, and countries
  •       Be a sensitive performer
  •       Be an informed audience member
  •       Take home songs that will be theirs forever


What’s Happening in Music Class this Trimester?:


Behavior Expectations in Music:


Third Grade Recorder:


Band & Chorus Information:

34 Jerden's Lane, Rockport, MA 01966
Phone: 978-546-1200
Fax: 978-546-8140